Since Apr. 2020

The year of 2020 is an opportunity for human beings to understand some balance existing in the world. Wild fire, trade bans, global pandemic, racial assault, etc., we've gone so far, we've experienced all these heart-broken, terrified historical moments. For all of these to happen, you have to think about the origins. Why these things are happening, why the consequences are so terrifying, why people are doing like this? From the view of a scientific researcher, to know why is always the priority. Well, no doubt, it is ourselves. 

Since the quarantine, I have behaved myself with a whole self persistence, to understand myself, how far can I go, to dig into the research field, how well to I know. But there are always some other voices who blame that these periods ruined their life, their plan, make them lose themselves and quit. So the point is people are always different. When you do things, you need to think about something else, someone else, something further, will the things that you are doing bother others? 

If you think of others, will you go out to infect others? will you have racial opinions? will you help to green the environment? will you build a strong version of yourself to help others? Will you? Think about it. The world needs multiple voices, different voices, but toward a sustainable direction. If people continue doing we are doing, I am afraid that human beings will be wiped out before we can sustain ourselves.
I've dreamed about a scenario, what if the world has 7 billion of people, they are white, yellow, black, they have different ideas, lifestyles, but each of them looks exactly the same as you, what kind of behavior will you have? Will hate yourself, will you assault yourself, will you beat yourself, or will you live peacefully, will the world sustain? It is an open question, but, what is the difference between this scenario and the current world?


Oct. 01-06, 2019


Almost one week in France,
from Lyon to Paris, 
from conference to private visit,
many things flashed back in my mind have been proved and even renewed.

I remember when one french friend visited Japan for the first time, 
I asked about the main difference between the residents,
rules were the first impression in your mind,
Japanese people are restricted by rules, and they are willing to follow these rules. 
It’s true cause I have a lot of deep experience with interesting international people.
I know the differences in personalities, the ways to think about things, I know how french behave and think. This point was strengthened when I visited some local churches.
Till now, personally, I still cannot find sufficient evidence to say the bad side of Japan.
However, in France, I can even sense the beautiful and ugly things in one day, that’s why I like and feel sorry about France.

Regarding arts, I agree that aesthetics is the spark that connects Japan and France. Have appreciated so many artistic works in Japan, the inner connection can be found in many basic techniques. 
But nothing can be compared to Musée du Louvre, three hours in the museum was the highlight of my museum life, walking around the arts makes me feeling energetic, thrilled, amazed, all the time. I’m even speechless when appreciating Winged Victory statue, how it is presented in different angles, why the body shape and the gesture are in such way, what I can understand from the statue, what is victory, what we need to sacrifice... really amazing experience.
The surroundings in the Tour Eiffel is as gorgeous as Tour Eiffel itself.

In Lyon, in the world heritage, I also checked Le Petit Prince, we had some discussions about the fox, the purpose of the white fox, maybe this time I have a different understanding. But I don’t want to tell anybody.

This is not the end of the journey, things just get started, my mind is refreshed and maybe a new chapter gonna thrive.